Healthy Substitutions In Cooking {Meatless Monday: Creamy Avocado Potato Salad}

creamy avocado potato salad 1Many shun away from the idea of healthy cooking, but it’s easier and possibly tastier than you think. With simple ingredient substitutions in your daily meal preparation, you won’t need to sacrifice flavour to cut some calories. From organic raw virgin coconut oil in place of your regular vegetable oil, to puréed potato to thicken your soups and gravies, head over to Coconuts SG to read my full article on six healthy substitutions you can, and should, adopt in your cooking today.

My personal favourite substitution ingredient, if I may call it that, is the unassumingly creamy and buttery avocado, albeit not so much for health reasons as it is for dietary specification reasons (read: lactose intolerance). Much like my avocado egg salad sandwich, this ohmygoodness-why-didnt-I-think-of-this-sooner avocado potato salad takes on a greener twist on the well-loved potato salad, replacing mayonnaise with avocado. Equally creamy, a whole lot more healthy, and all kinds of tasty; even if you’re not averse to mayonnaise, or you’re a self-declared mayonnaise purist, you’ll need to give this a try! (Recipe after the jump.)

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Superfoods For Beginners: Where to Buy and What to Cook

superfoods (1)Thinking of eating healthy, but not sure where to start? Whether you’re intending to lose some belly fat, improve your digestion, regulate your blood sugar, or just to look and feel better, the answer might just lie in the shelves of your supermarkets.

‘Superfoods’ is probably overused these days, but just how well do you know your superfoods, and what makes them so super anyway? If you’d like to jump on the healthy-eating bandwagon, but have no idea what ‘chia’, ‘wheatgerm’ or ‘quinoa’ means, how to prepare them, or where to find them here in Singapore, I’ve got you covered in my first article contribution to Coconuts Singapore, a recently-launched local news site, that covers all that’s happening in our little red dot of an island.

Head over to read my full article here.

superfoods (2)

Meatless Monday: Kale and Quinoa Pilaf with Pan-Roasted Squash

kale and quinoa pilaf with roasted squashSome might consider quinoa (pronounced as keen-wah) to be pretty much passé in the superfoods list, with farro looking to be quite the healthy food trend amongst food blogs right now. But with the United Nations declaring 2013 as the International Year of Quinoa, it is hard to overlook the benefits of this supercrop (aptly referred to as ‘mother grain’ by the Incas) be it on an individual level, or on the global scale of combatting food poverty and insecurity. Containing all eight of the essential amino acids, gluten-free and easy to digest, quinoa is certainly something you ought to find stashed in your pantry. However, it has not quite reached staple level around these nooks, mainly due to the numbing question of what exactly to do with quinoa.

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From The Mailbox: 5 Tips on Perfecting Pancakes {Recipe: Fluffy Wholewheat Oat Pancakes with Fudgy Chocolate Date Glaze}

oat pancake
Oh wow, I’ve just realised the last FTM post was more than a year ago! From then till now, I still have been receiving queries, but have opted to answer them directly via e-mail, etc. Having posted quite a bit of pancake photos on Instagram as of late had inevitably garnered pancake queries, mostly along the lines of “Why are my pancakes always dense?”, “I always burn my pancakes!”, and “My pancakes look cooked, but the insides are raw”. So, if any of the aforementioned statements sounds like you on a not-too-good day, here are some perfecting pancake pointers (yes, I do love my alliterations). If you’re a bona fide Pancake Master, just scroll all the way down for the recipe of these refined sugar-free fluffy wholewheat oat pancakes (yes, they’re wholewheat AND fluffy!). Suffice to say, my search for the perfect oat pancakes has ended here.

In the meantime, keep those questions coming in, and drop me an e-mail (address on my profile), or a note on Twitter or Instagram!
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Toddler Tuesdays: Salmon Mac & Cheese Veggie Bites

mac & cheese bitesThis post had been a long time coming. Of all the photos of A’s meals I’ve shared on my Instagram account, these mac & cheese bites never fail to garner a recipe request. And if you follow me there long enough, first off, “Hello, stranger!”, and second, you may have noticed by now the different variations and times I’ve posted them.

You see, most times, cooking or baking for my 19-month-old is a breeze. But since I don’t eat half of the things I bring to her table, I’ll have to fall back on the mister’s feedback when it’s pertaining to cheese, which, as aforementioned, possibly constitutes to half her meals. And as much as lil A readily eats anything she can hold in one hand without any “Come here, and eat!” disruptions to her playtime, I’d prefer tweaking and reworking a toddler-friendly (read: possibly bland) recipe till it is suited for an adult’s (in this case, the self-proclaimed cheese monster of a mister) palate.
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Guest Post on A Dollop of Me: Berry Baked Chocolate Oatmeal

baked chocolate oatmeal

When Corsage, the blogger behind the inspiring lifestyle and parenting site, A Dollop of Me, approached me for a guest post on her Kitchen Exploits: Family Favourites series, I knew I wanted to share something simple, quick and versatile;- one that would take minutes to prepare, and just left to work its own magic in the oven;- yet look and taste like you’ve spent the whole morning working on it.

And that’s when this berry baked chocolate oatmeal comes in. A personal favourite of mine, throwing in whatever bits of fruits I see sitting lonely in the pantry, this is a breeze to work with, and perfect for rushed mornings (I plonk it into the oven right before I give A a bath, so it’ll be all nice and warm when we’re done). Don’t be deceived by the chocolate component though, with the low amount of (unrefined) sugar, and with all the oats, this one’s actually good for you!

Drop by here for my berry baked chocolate oatmeal recipe, and don’t forget to explore a series of food adventures called Kitchen Exploits on A Dollop of Me for ideas and inspirations too! Thank you again, Corsage, for having me over!

There’s Green In My Cake! {Recipe: Carrot Zucchini Bread}

carrot-zucchini bread

I know, I know. Autumn is officially here, and every other blog’s talking about pumpkins and apples, and here I am with last season’s produce. But honestly, can you blame me? I’ve baked this bread more than a month ago, but have not stopped thinking about it since. That is, until I baked a spelt carrot-apple cake a couple of days ago, which, by the bye, totally won me over with its sweet nutty flavour and super moist texture;- ah, but that’s another post for another day.

Now, back to this quickbread.

It was my first zucchini bake; a trial batch if you may call it that, for I had read about the moistness this unassuming green vegetable lends to its bakes. I had my eyes on baking a zucchini-infused chocolate cake or brownies initially, following my prior success of adding green stuff into chocolatey treats, but decided to test the waters with something safer and healthier I could enjoy with lil A. (Not to worry though, chocolate zucchini muffins did happen later.)

So, how did this fare?
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