Guest Post on A Dollop of Me: Berry Baked Chocolate Oatmeal

baked chocolate oatmeal

When Corsage, the blogger behind the inspiring lifestyle and parenting site, A Dollop of Me, approached me for a guest post on her Kitchen Exploits: Family Favourites series, I knew I wanted to share something simple, quick and versatile;- one that would take minutes to prepare, and just left to work its own magic in the oven;- yet look and taste like you’ve spent the whole morning working on it.

And that’s when this berry baked chocolate oatmeal comes in. A personal favourite of mine, throwing in whatever bits of fruits I see sitting lonely in the pantry, this is a breeze to work with, and perfect for rushed mornings (I plonk it into the oven right before I give A a bath, so it’ll be all nice and warm when we’re done). Don’t be deceived by the chocolate component though, with the low amount of (unrefined) sugar, and with all the oats, this one’s actually good for you!

Drop by here for my berry baked chocolate oatmeal recipe, and don’t forget to explore a series of food adventures called Kitchen Exploits on A Dollop of Me for ideas and inspirations too! Thank you again, Corsage, for having me over!


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