surplus sunday: strawberry buttermilk ice-cream & lemon cake trifle

It is not often that we have leftover cakes here in the household, which might come as a surprise for one with perhaps just two sweet-toothed occupants out of a large family. I reckon it should be thanks to my obsessive penchant for individually-served desserts, and cutting almost every recipe in half, which concomitantly either eliminates any possibility of having leftovers, or simply makes a perfect warm-it-up-the-next-morning breakfast for two. And then there are those instances when I wished I had leftovers from a cake I obviously did not have enough of, but the thought of having more than a slice [or two] a day would have sent my guilt-trip senses a-tingling, so the idea of spreading the love in two days seemed the perfect [greedy] solution. And then there are very special instances when I would have baked a fairly good family favourite, and  secretly save a few slices just so I can whip something else to complement it perfectly, pushing it from a good familiarity to a great take on the old. Now this is one of those special instances.

You could call this a cheat Surplus Sunday edition, since I didn’t exactly have leftovers, but the strawberry buttermilk ice-cream was well worth the hiding of cake slices. Whilst the tangy zing from the buttermilk enhances the strawberries, the additional tablespoon of condensed milk gives a creamy sweetness, perfectly complementing the lightness of the lemon cake slices. The star of the trifle here is definitely the strawberry ice-cream, but the simplicity of the lemon cake leaves a fresh taste, carefully balancing the flavours between sour and sweet, making it mandatory for one to forgo any form of socially-acceptable etiquette, and just plunge your spoon in, slice through the layers, and have a big spoonful of both cake and ice-cream in one bite.

Strawberry Buttermilk Ice-Cream & Lemon Cake Trifle
For strawberry buttermilk ice-cream (adapted from here):
2 cups buttermilk
1⁄2 cup sweetened condensed milk, plus 2 tbsp
1 tbsp sugar
1⁄2 cup strawberries, diced

1 lemon loaf cake, cooled and sliced

  1. Whisk the buttermilk, 1⁄2 cup sweetened condensed milk, sugar and diced strawberries together. Chill in the fridge for 30 minutes.
  2. If you’re using an ice-cream maker, dump into the maker and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Swirl in the 2 tbsp sweetened condensed milk, and serve soft or throw in the freezer for 30mins for ice-cream. If you don’t have an ice-cream maker, freeze the ice-cream and give it a good stir / whisk after 45 mins, and thereafter every 30mins, breaking any frost. When your ice-cream’s almost done (think soft serve consistency), stir in the 2tbsp sweetened condensed milk. Keep until the ice-cream is completely frozen.
  3. To assemble, push a slice of lemon loaf cake into the bottom of a jar or glass, and scoop the strawberry buttermilk ice-cream on top of the slice, levelling it with the back of your spoon to form a layer. Continue layering with alternate cake – ice cream layers until you reach the top of the jar / glass. Serve cold.

26 thoughts on “surplus sunday: strawberry buttermilk ice-cream & lemon cake trifle

  1. the mister

    Home-made ice cream effteedoubleyew~!

    Oooooh, the ice cream was delish!

    I always thought that we’d need some big contraption to successfully make ice cream but it turns out, we don’t!

    Hmmmm… I wonder what the next batch’s flavour will be! 😀

    1. ovenhaven Post author

      I’m still lemming for the chocolate fudgesicles we had previously! Still can’t get enough of that, so I’m pretty sure there’ll be a repeat soon 🙂

  2. Joyti

    Yum! That homemade ice cream looks so delicious. I’ve been dreaming of strawberry ice cream too, but my favorite farmer’s crop was effected by the rain last week. Hopefully they’ll be back soon though.
    And lemon cake trifle – what a great way to turn one dessert into two. Yum!

    1. ovenhaven Post author

      Hope the strawberries will be back in action soon, and you’ll get to make some yummilicious ice-cream 🙂 And don’t leave out the cake!

  3. Janine

    Sounds like an absolutely fantastic way of using any excess – I bet the strawberry and lemon combination was outta the world!

  4. autumn

    What an adorable little spoon! I am such a fan of homemade ice cream and this looks amazing. I used buttermilk in ice cream recently for the first time and loved the tartness! Thanks.

    1. ovenhaven Post author

      Janine: Nothing quite beats the combination! 🙂

      Kathryn: Hehe, everything’s cuter in smaller quantities and containers 😀

      autumn: I’m already missing my buttermilk ice cream for its tartness! I bet yours must’ve been really delish 🙂

  5. Heather

    I love strawberry and what every food that contains it. I really appreciate that you share this recipe on your article. I would definitely love to try this at home. 😀


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