wordless wednesday: my first 3D fondant cake

muay thai2

muay thai3

muay thai5

muay thai6

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p/s: For those wondering what those are, they’re Muay Thai gloves!

27 thoughts on “wordless wednesday: my first 3D fondant cake

  1. the mister

    3D! And no need for glasses!

    Awesome job, dear! Love the attention to detail ie. the stitching on the towel!

    10 more days!😀

  2. ovenhaven Post author

    bie: Woootz! Super psyched😀

    percicilan: I’m not certified to teach! Still have a long way to learn🙂

    oneordinaryday: Thank you, dearie!🙂

    19thmayflower: Hehe, thank you, sweetz!🙂

  3. zurin

    my boys would be over the moon with that cake..even tho they are too old for that! Fabulous job! the letterings are PERFECT n the gloves so …what can I say! :)))) fantastic!

  4. ovenhaven Post author

    zurin: Awww thanks, sweetie! You’re too kind🙂 Perhaps it’d be an idea for your boys’ birthdays!😛

    felicia: Hehe, thanks dearie! I’ve directed a couple of December customers over your way too🙂

  5. Jaslyn

    Oh dear, sorry for the late msg. Thank you so much for this lovely cake. It was awesome. Everyone loves it and very amazed. =)

  6. Karen


    Can I order the boxing gloves cake fr you? My 5 year old son’s birthday is coming. But I think this may not be enough for 20-30 pax. How much is it?


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