red + green


7 thoughts on “red + green

  1. happygrub

    wow, really nice close up!! serious, if only I had such pretty stuff to photograph. I made some raisin cinnamon cookies cos my mom in law doesn’t eat chocolate, (it triggers her migraines so for “health” reasons I forgive this cardinal sin of hating chocolate) and they were so unpretty, ok fine, ugly, not much motivation to photgraph them. they are still languishing around, quite delish but never to be seen by the world.. Perhaps this weekend but with lots of food styling and editing, haha!

  2. ovenhaven Post author

    Haha, I have the same problem too sometimes. I used to think that it’s just a problem with lighting, but there are certain bakes that simply refuse to budge! You seem to have a lot of props;– plates and saucers and such;– just play around with them, and I’m sure you’ll get the shot you want πŸ™‚


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