brownies: 1 week, 2 ways

Time of indulgence: 16 July, midnight
Excuse for indulgence: chocolate craving while reading comics

Time of indulgence: 18 july, afternoon
Excuse for indulgence: panacea to much-dreaded painkillers

Choice of indulgence: my favouritest fudgey brownie


6 thoughts on “brownies: 1 week, 2 ways

  1. the mister bie

    Ooooh…. looking at the photos, I’m brought back to the time when we mashed the brownies up and ate them with ice cream!


  2. ovenhaven Post author

    bie: I really really think that ice-cream should be a permanent fixture in our fridge when we have our own place later. It’s a need, for sure. 😛

    Bernice: Thanks, Bernice! Chocolate cravings are almost always knocking on my door, I have to say. Hehe 😛

    grace: It’s always good to know that I’m understood by fellow chocoholics out there 😀

  3. sweetrosie

    Why the painkillers lovey? I hope it was only a transient headache or something 🙂
    Your photo collage on the other post is simply stunning, no other word for it and a beautifully written post too. Very evocative.
    Stay well xx

  4. ovenhaven Post author

    Thanks, dearie 🙂 I had a bit of a sprained ankle that couple of days, but all is well now! 😀 Have a good week ahead, Angela…


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