waxing lyrical over peanut butter cups with milo

The sweetest bite;
A little cup
Of coloured butter.

With a gentle zephyr,
A waffling aroma
Paints the kitchen. 

Chocolate caps
A hidden love.

The sweetest bite 
Awaits another.


24 thoughts on “waxing lyrical over peanut butter cups with milo

  1. ovenhaven Post author

    liz: Yup, I made them 🙂

    didally: Haha, powerful indeed! Actually it’s just coz I ran out of chocolate (the horror!!!), and decided to top it with milo instead 😛

  2. the mister bie

    Don’t know if
    Going to be right
    This is

    But here goes
    The mister’s haiku attempt

    Approves of
    The little thingies
    Does the mister

    Much chewy
    Not too sweet
    They are

    Comes to mind
    “NuMMy!” “NuMMy!”
    “More please!!”

    Hehe… 😛

  3. ovenhaven Post author

    Pat: Oh dear, I missed out your tag! A virtual dozen coming your way, sweetie! 🙂

    The Cooking Ninja: Thanks 🙂 I was contemplating on making them small lil brownie-sized, but nothing quite hits that special spot in my heart like cutesy mini ones.

    michelle: Would love to send your way, but they’re wiped out sooner than you can sing “My little [peanut] buttercup”! Thanks for dropping by 🙂

    Jenny: Thanks 🙂 Yup, they’re no-bake. In fact, I didn’t even place them in the fridge! 😛

  4. ovenhaven Post author

    Nina: Throw all the diet plans aside, and indulge in this guilty pleasure, why doncha? 😛

    Gigi: Indulgent indeed; it was as good as dipping your finger into a peanut butter jar and lick away! 😀

  5. ovenhaven Post author

    linda: Skip the tea, sweetie. Something this rich; I think nothing else would be able to wash this down like a glass of plain ol’ water! 😛

    White on Rice Couple: Aww, thank you! 🙂

    Bernice: Me neither! But if peanut butter and chocolate can be best friends, why not Milo, right? 😉

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