a little me time

My deepest apologies to those who had taken their time to frequent this humble abode of mine for the past two weeks only to find nought. To be perfectly honest, I had contemplated to update with a this-is-the-reason-why-I-have-not-been-baking filler entry, but because it seemed only a couple of entries ago that I was unwell, I reckoned it would not reflect well to say that I was battling a stomach virus yet again.

So here I am, all better, and armed with a lengthy entry to bore you. Ahakz. Since I was away from chocolate (among thousands of other food items) during the bout, I already had in mind what to bake today, and narrowed it down to chewy chocolate chip cookies and brownies. With all the Christmas cookie baking abound, I was lured to the buttery smells of warm cookies blooming in the oven. But the thought of indulging in a sinful chocoholic delight that would highly likely only please me, seemed too irresistable a thought. Sometimes we just need a little pampering, don’t we? Albeit at the risk of sounding utterly self-centered… :p

And nothing spells indulgence better than the long-bookmarked-and-eyed Peanut Butter-Nutella Brownie?

As expected, I underbaked them for about 5 mins or so. The result? A fudgey, gooey, chewy brownie that made me thank the constellations for the chocoholic that I am. I got the recipe here, and you’d notice that instead of infusing the peanut butter together with the Nutella into the batter, I had melted the peanut butter separately and drizzled it generously on top of the batter. I know not what the original method would result in, but for my version of the brownie, there was a distinct difference in the taste of the sweet fudgey brownie itself and the salty peanut butter crust, which resulted in a delightful balance, without the brownie being cloyingly sweet.

On another note altogether, the lovely sweetrosie had tagged me sometime back for a meme, so here are 7 random things about me. Disclaimer: I’m a very boring person, so you might wanna skip this part.

  1. My first love was writing. Then I fell in love with photography. And not so long ago, I discovered baking and fell in love with it too. Hence this blog, a union of my 3 loves.
  2. I was born in front of the television. No kidding. Haha.
  3. I am a HUGE introvert. I am horrid at starting conversations, and when I finally do manage to strike a conversation, I know not how to hold/sustain/maintain one without making a fool of myself. *slaps forehead*
  4. I have several fears (think clowns, spiders), but the biggest has to be that of height. I used to sing the Smurfs song in my head (or aloud) each time I cross an overhead bridge just to make me forget that I’m several feet above a bustling road of wild vehicles zooming past.
  5. I was so excited to start school that instead of the assumed 2 years of kindergarten education, I had 2 1/4 years, having been accepted into the school in September of the year before I was supposed to go in. 
  6. One of the first things that people notice about me would be the way I hold my pen. I hold it upright, like a clenched fist at first glance, with the pen slid between my thumb and the middle finger.
  7. Now and then, I like to draw. But unlike the uberkewl mister who draws supercute chibi webcomics, I can only draw things that I actually see, like that of a comic character he introduced me to.



15 thoughts on “a little me time

  1. bie


    My oh my, that is one GOOOOOOOOOD drawing!

    Glad to see you baking (and drawing) again dear. You should always make time for the enjoyable little things in life! 😀

  2. bie

    The mister’s response to the seven random facts :

    1. And you’re pretty dang good at all of them, if I do say so myself!
    2. Which explains a LOT of things… Hehe… 😛
    3. Well, we seem to have many many long conversations to disprove this theory methinks… 🙂
    4.*sings the smurf song along with you*
    5. You forgot the jumping excitedly part!
    6. Me too! Coz we is too cool for school.
    7. I would hereby like to object to this so-called fact which is very obviously not true. *points to the ton of ubercool designs that you always come up with*


  3. linda

    Born in front of the tv lol! That’s funny! Your mum didn’t want to miss her favorite show?
    I was very afraid of clowns when I was a kid, now I just don’t like them at all.

    The brownies look delicious! I’m not such a bit peanut butter fan in baked goods so I think I’d just stick with Nutella 😉

  4. thecoffeesnob

    In front of the tv? Haha! It had better be a hell of a show.

    That’s a really cute drawing by the way- i struggle even with drawing a straight line free hand 🙂

    As always, your brownies look fantastic! There’ll be no chocolate for me for a bit- i ate a whole year’s worth of food in bangkok. And to think i was only there for a mere four days. le sigh.

  5. sweet-tooth

    nice drawing you have there (:
    woah so cool! being born in front of the teevee!
    the brownies look delicious too!
    that reminds me, i haven’t baked brownies in a looooong time.
    maybe i’ll bake that soon!

  6. ovenhaven Post author

    bie: Haha, you’re so sweet lah you. My doodlings can never be compared to your art, oh chibi maestro-san!

    linda: There’s just something about clowns that’s freaky. The hair? The smile? The painted face? *shrugs*
    Stick with the Nutella, and you’d get a very chocolatey brownie! yuMMy!

    didally: Thanks, sweetie. Yup, some people like them cakey, while I love them fudgy, and nothing hits that spot like underbaking them. Haha 😛 Very trial-and-error, though.

    thecoffeesnob: Yah, I reckon it mustve been a great show! Haha :p
    A whole year’s worth of food in four days??? Now that’s a mean feat to beat! Sounds like you had loadsa fun, dearie 😀

    sweet-tooth: I haven’t baked a brownie in a long while too, and after tasting a great sample from some brownie cafe at Novena (I forgot its name), it got me craving for some fudgy ones. Although I could’ve simply gone in and buy me a slice, of course :p

    happygrub: Apparently my neighbour helped to deliver me; she was a midwife, or had some midwife-ing experience, I think :p

    Pat: Awww, you’re too kind, sweetie!

  7. Aimei


    I like your writing, your bakes and the photos! Great attempt in your drawing as well. 🙂

    Happy NewYear and all the best for the year ahead 😉

  8. ovenhaven Post author

    didally: Hope you enjoyed yours, sweetie! And have a great 2008 ahead! 🙂

    Aimei: Thanks for dropping by 🙂 Hope you have a blessed and joyful 2008 ahead as well!

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