nutella makes the world go round

If there are three things in life that I sincerely believe would bring about world peace, it would be, in random order:-

  1. chocolate
    •  Yes, I do believe that it would be nice if the world was Cadbury. But while we’re at it, let’s make the world Godiva, or Valrhona, or any other mouth-watering decadent delights you so desire.
  2. Oreo’s
    • Oreo lovers unite, I always say. Nothing seems to grab your attention like the prefixation/suffixation of Oreo in practically anything. Oreo Ice Blended Drink, Oreo Cupcakes, Oreo Muffins, Oreo Butter Cake, Oreo Agar-Agar;– and the list goes on. These tiny black-and-white bites seem to garner raves and popularity beyond, and perhaps even more than, its original form. 
  3. Nutella

Yet another fascinating creation that never fails to cheer up my gloomiest of days, since I was a little girl, jumping up and down in the kitchen, all excited to go to school, would be Nutella. Back then they came as a little treat with a mini plastic spoon attached, and I would be scooping very small bits, just so that they would not finish so soon. And manymany years on, this chocolate hazelnut spread still holds a special place in the deepest of my emotive repositories.

Thanks to The Cooking Ninja who dropped by and shared my love for Nutella, I decided to satisfy my weekend bake itch (baking for orders does not count, I insist) with the recommended Choc-Hazelnut Scrolls, since I had quite abit of Nutella left in the jar, and desperately needed a perk-me-up.

These were a breeze to make, and the sister loved them, saying that I should make more of these in the future. I could easily understand why, since they were not chocolatey at all. I took the advice of The Cooking Ninja, and decided not to be over-zealous with the Nutella spread, since it would complicate the slicing. Also, I omitted the hazelnuts, since the packet I had was already expired *blushes*, and I think the next time I bake these, I would include them for more flavour.

But for now, I can’t taste much, since what’s left of my appetite had gone frolicking with the stomach virus.


27 thoughts on “nutella makes the world go round

  1. sweet-tooth

    ohdear i’m still hooked on nutella and i’m going broke buying bottles and bottles of nutella.
    i plan to bake some nutella cookies soon and i think i’ll try these too!
    yummy yummy nutella ;D
    oh and do get well soon! (:

  2. veggielove

    Feel better…
    … My favorite trick, when I’m feeling too lazy to make a proper buttercream frosting, is to smash some oreos finely and whip them into homemade whipped cream. Makes a really simple, light cupcake topping seem special– far beyond the effort put in. Don’t tell my boyfriend though, I like to keep him under the impression that it’s a pain in the butt because I like my oreos best plain with a mug of chai sitting nearby.

  3. ovenhaven Post author

    bie: Thank you, dearest. I hope I get better soon nuf too… 😦 Happy 28th, sweetie 🙂

    sweet-tooth: Thank you, sweet-tooth. Mmmm, I love nutella cookies as well! For now, I’m out of Nutella, but perhaps really soon, I’ll be Nutella-bingeing as well 😛

    Mandy: Thanks, sweetie 🙂 Do give them a try; they were very hassle-free, and went down well with the non-chocoholics.

    veggielove: That sounds like sucha great idea! And don’t worry, your secret’s safe with me 😉 Oh man, now I’ve got an Oreo craving!

    didally: Haha, the little hammock is actually one of my bear’s; had to borrow it awhile :p Oh dear, I’d be too quick to say you were missing out on a wholelotta chocolatey delight as a kid, but then I’m pretty sure there were much more tantalising sweet treats you feasted on as a child that I never got my hands on, as well 😉

  4. The Cooking Ninja

    I’m glad your sis loves it 🙂 and yours looks lovely. I must try cutting them thinner like yours 🙂

    Hope you get better soon.

    The gastric flu is in my house at the moment. Both my baby and me are down with it. 😦 Luckily my significant other is not down with it yet.

  5. ovenhaven Post author

    linda: Thanks, sweetie 🙂 And yes, Nutella rules! *makes the rock handsign*

    The Cooking Ninja: Oh dear, do take care. Drink plenty of water, and have sufficient rest, k? I hope you’ll get better soon *hugs*

  6. thecoffeesnob

    Mmm. Nutella. It does indeed make the world go round.

    By the way, i know it’s such a dumb question but is it just me or do supermarts in Singapore only sell the tiny jars? I dropped by Cold Storage at Holland V the other night and all they had were the minute 220g ones. I inquired about it, to only be told that’s the only size they stock. I haven’t quite looked anywhere else though.

  7. happygrub

    Yes, the large jars are all out of stock. The Giant at Parkway also only had the tiny jars. I suspect ovenhaven and her affliates have swiped Singapore’s stock of giant nutella jars and they’re lounging in hammocks all over the island.

  8. ovenhaven Post author

    sweetrosie: Thanks, dear. I’ve heard ginger tea’s good for the tummy, but never tried one; I’m not much of an experimentalist when it comes to tea :p Stick to the good ol’ lemon/pandan/chamomile tea!

    sweet-tooth: Thanks, sweetie. I’ll check out the ones at JE/Toa Payoh and see if they’ve got stock there. There are so many lovely Christmas baking tools around; how festive 🙂

    thecoffeesnob: Welcome back, Laureen 🙂 And yup, I’ve been seeing alot of the small 220g ones, but I got my large jars at Prime supermart. I’ll have a look around, and let you know if I find any other supermarts that stock the huge ones.

    happygrub: Oh gosh, you saw one of us, didn’t you? And to think I told everyone aforehand to dress inconspicuously, and don a tag that reads ‘I DO NOT HOLD A GIANT NUTELLA JAR WITH ME. REALLY.’

  9. bie


    taking a break from the dreary revisions…

    … and I decided to tag here!

    “And to think I told everyone aforehand to dress inconspicuously, and don a tag that reads ‘I DO NOT HOLD A GIANT NUTELLA JAR WITH ME. REALLY.’”

    hehe… you crack me up…

    that neon lettered sign SO did not match our ninja outfits… 😛

  10. ovenhaven Post author

    Thanks, HHB. Don’t worry, with the great help your kids have been around the kitchen, I’m pretty sure they’ll be able to bake you some in no time! 🙂

  11. ovenhaven Post author

    Tartelette: Thank you for dropping by! I know what you mean; I actually had to buy another jar and hide it in the pantry to make this 😉

    Small Small Baker: My favourite spread too! Nothing quite hits the spot like good ol’ Nutella on toast early in the morn 🙂

  12. ovenhaven Post author

    sweetrosie: Thanks, dearie! I’ll be mailing over your wafer roses very soon 🙂

    happygrub: Unfortunately no! The mixer died on me, and I’ve been awfully awfully busy with work. Blearghz. I do hope I can squeeze in something this weekend, though.

  13. bleeding espresso


    Fellow Nutella lover here wondering if you would be interested in celebrating World Nutella Day on February 5th?

    Read more about World Nutella Day here.

    Tell your readers, tell your friends, and let’s coat the world in a big ole layer of chocolate hazelnut goodness 😉


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