between good and great

The problem with not updating for too long a period of time is the almost inevitable mental block that would concomitantly pervade the mind and inadvertently influence the fingers to rat-a-tat-tat to no specific rhythm whatsoever on the keyboard. And then there is also that crucial factor of over-hyping something up. I’m not sure whether it be the same for everyone, but I know for a fact that I can never look forward to something too much, for it would almost always result in a disappointment of sorts.

And for what seemed like the longest time ever, my MSN caption read “I can’t wait to bake proper”. No, there was no grammatical mistake in that; I was baking proper-ly, since I had been spending the time baking cookies for the Hari Raya Cookie Cravings bake sale. But there was just the itch of trying out something new; something from the dozens of bookmarked recipes I’ve collected and still had yet to touch.

I categorise recipes according to the different types; brownies & cakes, cupcakes, muffins, cookies, and pastry. And on top of the To-do-after-Hari-Raya list was basically anything sinful, decadent and chocolatey, and the immediate folder to flip through was that of brownies & cakes. But alas, the Chocolate Monster residing on his gastronomical throne was apparently too conspicuous for anyone not to notice, as he relished in the mouth-watering chocolate delights of the many houses I visited during the Eid celebrations.

And by the looks of it, he was not the only one who had his chocolate fill.

Several days on, after the sugar-rush from all the festive cookies and cakes had worn off, I took out the packet of Oreo’s hibernating in the depths of the cabinet, and went ahead to remove one of the bookmarked recipes, and made these.

I had been looking around for THE Oreo muffin recipe, since quite a couple of them turned out to be a tad too bland for my liking, despite the amount of Oreo’s in them. And I must say this time round, I was pleased. Very pleased. They did not rise as much as I wished, but I thought the taste made up for that. I loved how the hard exterior caved in to a moist and soft interior (my fave type of muffin is as such; hard crust, soft innards), each bite filled with chunks of Oreo’s and tiny chocolate chips. The recipe called for crushed Oreo’s, but I preferred chunks, of course. I was pretty glad that I decided against including chocolate chunks in the muffins, and went ahead with the chocolate chips, since the muffins turned out surprisingly chocolatey! I do implore you to eat this fresh from the oven, or at the very least, don’t leave it overnight. Don’t get me wrong, it still tastes good the next day at room temperature, but it’s really a matter of whether you’re looking for a good muffin, or a great one. 😉


12 thoughts on “between good and great

  1. bie

    ahhhh….. she’s so cute!

    it looks like a chocolate beard! hehe… 😛

    ooooooooooh…. thanks so much for letting me taste two of them!

    sorry i finished ’em so fast, i couldn’t help it!

    theyre niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice….!!! 😛

    note to self : next time you bake these i gotta have the double oreo choc ice blended drink handy….

    now THAT will surely cause a lil explosion in my head from all the sugar / chocolate… hehe…

  2. ovenhaven Post author

    Hahaha, she’s my lil chocolate monster disciple, I assure you! :p

    And double oreo choc ice blended drink to go with that??? Sure, no prob! It’d be great to see you jumping around on sugar-rush for a change ~mwahahaha…

  3. Ida

    Nice muffins, i’ll say…. Diana’s got great recipes and thanks for trying it out. one more item on my to-bake list!

    BTW, you’ve been tagged! come visit me and check it out. 🙂

  4. ovenhaven Post author

    Ida: Try these out! You won’t regret them, I assure you. Thanks for the tag; am pretty busy right now, but I’ll get down to it when I can 🙂

    melisser: Thanks, sweetie!

    didally: You’re totally right; I can’t seem to let any Oreo go ‘unharmed’. Either straight into the mouth they go, or into the bakes, I say! :p


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