for a spoonful of sugar

helps the medicine go down…

Two Three ulcers, a swollen lymph node, and a rising-slowly-but-surely temperature. It’s one of those cases where you could feel it coming from days/weeks away, but thanks to the beshtest friend’s constant mantra of ‘mind over matter’, it had been suppressed. “At least till I’m done with work” soon became “At least till after the bro’s wedding”. And true enough, now that I’m done with the wedding, I find everything either tasteless or literally too painful to swallow.

In an attempt to make it all better, I opted for the tried and tested apple torte, with a dollop of vanilla ice-cream for tea-time. The parents enjoyed it even more with the ice-cream, and both the mother and I concurred that it was the perfect fail-proof dessert to dish out to guests. Taste-wise, however, I could only appreciate the coolness of the ice-cream trickling down my inflamed throat. Everything else tasted as bland as a heavily diluted glass of rose syrup that mothers trick their toddlers with when the lil ones insist on drinking something coloured.


8 thoughts on “for a spoonful of sugar

  1. ovenhaven Post author

    Pat: Thanks, dearie *hugs*

    mel: Thanks, sweetie 🙂

    didally: Thank you. You should give this a try, and definitely give the ice-cream a go as well!


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