There are several things in life that I can’t live without. Okay, I exaggerate. There are several things in life that I can’t perfectly live the days without. I remember the time when I arrived late for a lecture, and realised that I had left the handphone at home, still asleep in the comforts of my cozy bed. The hours that ensued proved to be the most trying of times, with me constantly asking next-table neighbours for the time (my handphone doubled up as a watch) and praying the hardest that there would not be last-minute changes to meeting plans after school. It didn’t help that I couldn’t even give a call to my friend, since I never purchased one of those public phonecards, and even if I wanted to, technological convenience has it such that memorising of the phone number had been handed over to the handphone’s ultra-trusty SIM card, and not the labyrinths of my own memory.

And then there were the times when the former laptop (may he rest in peace) would be recuperating in hospital, and let’s just say that life without the sweet rat-a-tat sounds of the keyboard and the ease of web connection does not go down well with me at all.

Chocolate is yet another one of my necessities in life, particularly when it comes to baking. Even though I do venture with non-chocolate bakes now and then, I guess it is always comforting to know that there is a packet of dark couverture chocolate blocks stashed away in the cupboard, awaiting for a lil pinch here and there whenever I need it. In one way or another, it gives me the motivation to bake. 

So, what’s a girl to do without her comfort baking essential (and of all times, it just had to be the 2nd anniversary!)?

This is what I call a let’s-put-everything-together-and-see-what-we-get cake. I had whipped up a large batter of peanut butter cake and decided to throw in Oreo crumbs, since I wanted to finish up the box of Oreos I had. The picture above is actually an inverse of the anniversary cake I gave the mister; peanut butter (+ abit of cocoa) cake with Oreo crumb topping. The heart-shaped cake (which I didn’t have the time to photograph) had an Oreo crust at the bottom, instead. Since it’s purely mix-and-match (and I don’t think it tasted that good anyway), I won’t be posting the recipe.

For now, I need my chocolate inspiration. 😦 


6 thoughts on “help!

  1. bie (aka the mister)

    (and I don’t think it tasted that good anyway)

    what are you saying???!!

    it was yuMMylicious!!!

    the peanutbutter-ness of it was just perfect and i lurrrrrrrrrrve the crunchy bits of the oreos!

    thank you so much for the cake, dear.

    i LOVED it.

    happy 2nd anniversary, sayang.




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