sweet and savoury

In celebration of Youth Day, the younger kiddos enjoyed the day off, and so did the older kiddos teaching these young ones, which meant I had the sister for company. A deviation from the proposed pizza plan landed onto an agreement to work on a savoury pie for lunch, with me working on the crust, and the sister working on the filling. Because believe you me, the very mention of needing to cook anything over the stove leaves me petrified, and so of course I was more than glad to hand it over to the chef to cook the potato-prawn-tomato-parsley filling.

While the pie baked away in the oven, I was itching to get my hands on quick-and-easy-baked cookies, and the only delicious one to come to mind was my favourite meringue cookies. This time I decided to take into consideration the mother’s feedback and baked them in lil paper cups, and I added crushed cornflakes into the mixture, as well as topping.

These meringues were actually largely influenced by the fact that the sister just discovered my foodblog today, and kept exclaiming “I didn’t eat that! Why didn’t you keep for me?!”, and of all the items she missed out on, these made it to the cookie tin today. So KL, if you’re reading this, it’s for you! Haha.


7 thoughts on “sweet and savoury

  1. bie

    i have no idea what meringues are but in my book theyre filed under the yummy ‘bleh buat hari raya’ cookies!


  2. ovenhaven Post author

    Yup, it feels almost like eating pillows of air. They melt in your mouth, leaving a sweet undertone on your tastebuds. Very addictive, if I may add.


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