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can you keep a secret?

The birthday was spent in the sweetest way possible. And when I say sweet, I mean it literally. Known for being the chocoholic and the I-can-eat-chicken-everyday person in the household, the spread boasted varieties of sweet indulgences and gastronomic feasts of sorts. Suffice to say, I was one happy girl 🙂

And for once, I actually have had enough of chocolate in my system to last me a lifetime. Or what felt like it. So on that grounds alone, when I scrambled to make a quick snack for myself the next day, I steered far far away from chocolate. And opted for the other end of the spectrum, and try something healthier, and not so sweet.

The apples perched atop the counter became my rebound partner for the day. As much as I’d love to just give the apple the mandatory daily bite to drive the doctor away, I still had time on my schedule to give that a pass. Apples, sugar, cinnamon, a bit of butter — all under the flame, and what do you get?

An unsuspecting tight lil package oozing with the sinful syrup of sweet caramelised apples that stains your lips with each sinful bite. And yet it strikes the exact balance, and draws the line before cloyingly sweet, which only makes you yearn for the next bite almost immediately after the first.

But like all secret parcels, the surprise doesn’t end there.

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in between medicine

I’ve been down with a bad case of gastric since Wednesday, and had been in and out of the washroom for far too many times, which left me much too weak to do anything else but lay in bed. When I saw the doctor on Friday, the clinic was filled to the brim and I had to make two trips before it was finally my turn to go in. The doctor said that it’s the season for stomach flu, which explains why I didn’t see it coming this time round.

After having practically no appetite to eat anything, or rather, having the desire to eat everything but failed to, thanks to nausea and diarrhoea, yesterday saw me feeling slightly better. And so, I rushed to the kitchen for a lil baking therapy. I finally tried one of the recipes I’ve bookmarked for a long time; yet another food item I’ve personally never tasted before.

I realise I’m horrid in rolling the dough to form the pretzels. I was actually trying very hard to remember the Play-Doh days, when I would be rolling the plasticine to form long elephant trunks, or making faux noodles to present to my parents to ‘eat’.

Unfortunately #1, I only remembered towards the end of the process, which pretty much left me with thick-looking pretzels.

Unfortunately #2, all the attempts at rolling and twisting perfect-looking pretzels got me feeling woozy and weak again, thus having to take a break [and even a short power nap]. Moral of the story: don’t exert yourself if you’re sick!

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