listen to your stomach

There really isn’t a good excuse for this. I would say that I was hungry and my gastric-stricken stomach craved for the best medicine to put a stop to the washroom visits (I’ve no idea how or why, but apparently it worked!). I would say that I had half a packet of marshmallows lying on the counter-top fighting for attention amidst the pile of snacks and munchies, and I felt the need to answer a pro-marshmallow calling of sorts.

I have a weakness for dessert. And there are plenty of times when my dessert jumps right across the menu and mingle amongst the members of the main course [sometimes displacing them, I must accede with guilt]. At the rate I’m going, I need to get myself a new wardrobe, seriously. Oh well, perhaps this is just one of those days which are better left unsaid.

Bottomline is, this is what you turn to when you badly have a sweet tooth to fix (and no, I’m not talking about visiting the dentist), and of course, when you have marshmallows to spare. Just use any of your favourite brownie recipe that you have at hand, and toss the marshmallows after you’re done, baking for an extra 5mins or so, until the marshmallows puff up and become really soft, and voila, your very own rocky road brownie.

p/s: I just love the chewing-gum effect of melted marshmallows, don’t you? 🙂


9 thoughts on “listen to your stomach

  1. missy-j

    hi do u think i should put the marshmallows on the raw batter instead? because if i bake for another 5 mins, wont it dry up the brownie?

  2. ovenhaven Post author

    andrea: Just use any brownie recipe you have at hand. But if you’d like a specific rocky road brownie recipe, perhaps you can try this:

    missy-j: If you put the marshmallows on the raw batter itself, it would burn. You’d want to bake the marshmallows for about 5mins (or even less) just so that you’ll have them melted and puffed up enough to cover the top of the brownie, and get the chewing gum effect.

    If you’re worried about the brownie being dry, you can always underbake the brownie beforehand, by subtracting just afew mins off the stipulated baking time. Hope this helps 🙂


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