fresh from the oven

The thing with bananas in this household is that it is almost always difficult to land yourself over-riped bananas in need of rescue. While it is usually the case of us loving this fruit so much that we leave none to the harsh weathers, sometimes it is because the higher authorities i.e. the people who actually cook (the mom & sis) would have greater plans of frying them in the evening itself, and since I only bake in the day, there are several occasions of surprised foiled baking plans the next morn.

And so I was pleasantly surprised when there were still over-riped bananas left for me to play around with this morn, albeit they were down to two. It’s been a long time since I had a slice of banana cake, and so after a quick search at one of my favourite cake recipe sources, I found myself downing the softest and moistest banana cupcake I had ever tasted.

The original recipe is actually meant for an 8″ round cake, but since I didn’t have enough butter, I modified the amounts of most of the ingredients and ended with 10 cupcakes instead. These remained moist and soft even when left in the open after a long while. But trust me, they won’t last long, for they taste simply heavenly fresh from the oven. The sister was rushing for some briefing, and grabbed one warm cupcake, and the next thing I know, I received an sms asking me to leave “some” for her. But from the disappearing acts on the dining table, looks like she’ll only be getting one.


7 thoughts on “fresh from the oven

  1. Elyn

    I’m not a “banana cake” fan but your picture actually entice me wanting to buy a bunch of bananas and make something similar. The picture look like it’s pop out from a recipe book 🙂

  2. ovenhaven Post author

    Awww, thanks for the compliment, Elyn! It’s really not the picture; the cake itself turned out great. So it’s all thanks to a great recipe, actually. 🙂


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