and they were all yellow

Inspired by Patricia’s lime meringue muffins, I decided to embark on a citrus journey through the kitchen today. That, along with the fact that I had about ten egg whites to spare after baking the tarts, and the only word that comes to mind is m-e-r-i-n-g-u-e.

Put citrus and meringue together, and what do you get?

My very first lemon cupcakes with meringue.

I adapted the cupcakes from Betty Saw’s lemon yoghurt cupcake with lemon syrup. Making do with what I have at hand, I took liberty with the proportions and some of the ingredients. And instead of the lemon syrup, I dropped a dollop of meringue, topped with a slice of lemon peel.


The end result was a moist cupcake with a disappointingly slight tinge of lemon tang. Being the first attempt at working with lemons, all the grating got me sneezing, and misled me to thinking that there should be enough lemons in there! But of course I was mistaken. Lesson learnt? Go liberal with lemons!

That is, until the next time you read an entry coming from me, griping about a too lemony cupcake. If there is such a thing as too lemony, to begin with.


6 thoughts on “and they were all yellow

  1. Dayna

    These look beautiful and your photography is scrumptious!
    Aren’t I lucky to have bumped into your blog?!


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