not quite saint cin

I remember frequenting the Saint Cinnamon outlet at J8 back in the sec school days after the HML class every Monday and Thursday. There was just something about the smell of the beautiful concoction of cinnamon waffling from hundreds of steps away that never failed to lure me to the steps of this humble outlet, and ordering the usual chocolate cinnamon roll takeaway.


And with a sudden discovery of raisin overload in the home, guess what was on the menu today?

None other than cinnamon rolls, of course.

I still have yet to try my hand at bread-making, and this is possibly the first step, albeit I have to admit doing it the cheaterbug way, ie. the un-yeast way. I’ve never attempted making any yeast bread, and truth be told, the recipes always seem too daunting for the amateur baker me. So in the meantime, while I gather enough courage to go the whole way, I settled on this quick recipe.

The end result is not as soft as I wished them to be, as it became a cross between rolls and scones. But it could be because I baked them longer than instructed. Either way, it was still delicious, and not too sweet. And it definitely solved the raisin problem!


4 thoughts on “not quite saint cin

  1. Patricia Scarpin

    Wow, now I want some chocolate cinnamon rolls, too!

    Your rolls look so delicious! And as per I’ve seen on your blog (I took a quick “tour” yesterday) I say you’d make yeasted breads without a problem!


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