of family and cakes

After much confusion and miscommunication yesterday over the purchase and baking of cakes, this afternoon saw me attempting to bake my first marble cake in celebration of Mothers’ Day.

You see, besides durians and KitKats, my mother’s favourite food item would have to be the marble cake. Practically all the ladies in my family have had their share of baking their very own marble cakes. So we see it every year for Hari Raya as well as special occasions like today or the mother’s birthday, either bought from the stores, or baked. And so, it is only natural that I had my own fears and trepidations of the cake not turning out well, since its reputation in the family precedes its name. Haha.

After much search, I ended up drooling over the cakes here, and after raving reviews, I decided to give the marble cake recipe a shot. I didn’t have enough butter, and ran out of self-raising flour, so ended up making changes to the recipe. Here’s my adapted version of the marble cake:-

Tri-colour Marble Cake

200g butter
1 tsp vanilla essence
200g sugar
2 eggs
300g plain flour
1 tsp baking powder
150ml milk
pink food colouring
2 tbsps cocoa powder
2 tbsp milk – extra

– Beat butter, vanilla and sugar until ight and fluffy.
– Add eggs one at a time.
– Stir in flour & milk in 2 batches. Divide mixture into 3 portions.
– Blend sifted cocoa powder with extra milk and stir into one portion.
– Add pink colouring into another portion. Leave the 3rd portion plain.
– Drop alternate spoonfuls of mixtures into a round pan. Use a skewer to swirl through the mixture.
– Bake cake at 170C for 55mins.

Despite changes in the baking time and amendments to the ingredients, the end result was moist and sufficiently sweet. To cut it short, everyone was happy, the ladies gave their nods, and more importantly, the mother gave it a thumbs up. 🙂 And with that, I’m officially part of the marblecake clan!

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