rumbling tummy

Woke up to a cold and chilly morning, and found myself wondering what’s the first thing I should do now that the exams are finally over. I thought of baking away in the kitchen, but the thought of sprawling in bed, curled up over a book on a cold day as today seemed much more appealing. And so, I decided to make some snacks just to chomp the day away amidst reading, and with the leftover sardines from breakfast, roti gulung sardin it was.

I avoid calling them sardine rolls simply because the sardine rolls are usually the pastry-based one, whereas roti gulung sardin simply cuts it; ‘sardine bread rolls’. This has got to be one of my favourite easy snacks of all time, because of its versatility. You can practically have roti gulung (bread roll) anything! My favourite ones have got to be chilli tuna, chicken franks, and of course sardines. yuMMy!

Roti Gulung Sardin
1 loaf of bread
1 can of sardines
cut chillies
cut onions
lime/lemon juice
2 eggs, beaten

1. Remove the bones from the sardines, and mash the sardines until coarsely fine.
2. Drain excess liquid from the sardines, and drop a few drops of lime/lemon juice into the sardine mixture.
3. Remove the sides of the bread and roll out each slice of bread until very thin.
4. Place two teaspoonfuls of the sardine mixture onto one end of the bread slice and roll. Wet the other end of the bread with water, and press it into the rolled bread so it holds.
5. Dip the bread rolls into the beaten eggs and fry until golden brown. 


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