the case of the forgetful jane

I am horridly fidgety, or what the Malays say “tak tau duduk diam”;– but only when it comes to things of interest, of course. All thanks to my lets-try-this-and-lets-try-that nature, I end up with a number of handwritten recipes that I concomitantly tweak along the way, or amidst baking, and clumsily forget to edit them according to my taste. And of all things to happen, I just HAD to lose my tried-and-tested-and-approved cupcake recipe. Which saw me flipping through the trusty lil notebook filled with nameless recipes and chocolate stains here and there.

And so I decided that perhaps it be the best of time to just find a new one. I’m a firm believer of the mantra ‘everything happens for a reason’, so there must be a better cupcake recipe out there, awaiting my dabble. After several hesitations, I ended up with The One. And by the looks taste of it, it’s going to be a permanent recipe for my cupcakes to come.

Provided I don’t lose it again, of course.


4 thoughts on “the case of the forgetful jane

  1. bie

    The One huh?

    When you try to eat ’em will they say “There is no spoon?” and do a 360 rotating angle flying kick?

    Hehe… 😛


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