ovenhaven day

Yupperz, Ovenhaven had its first taste of direct selling at the school bazaar for a day! Days of calculations, decision-making, ingredient-and-knickknacks-hunting and of course, actual baking were all over in a day. And truth be told, I miss the adrenalin! Twas truly an experience, and my gratitude and appreciation go out to all those involved, and of course, the lovelies who purchased the food, either at the bazaar itself, or through me. Hope yall enjoyed the food!

Among the products sold on that day were:


ie. chocolate crinkles, frosted cookies, cupcakes with frosting, cupcakes with chocolate ganache, and nutella cupcakes. Also on sale were double chocolate cookies and nutella cookies, which I unfortunately didn’t have the time to photograph.

Twas a tough fight to the end between the cupcakes with chocolate ganache (with the heart-shaped marzipan) and nutella cupcakes, but nutella cupcakes proved to be the ultimate winner! Among the cookies, nutella again emerged the winner, which leads me to conclude that people just LOVE nutella! Current company included, of course. Hehe.

For now, I’m itching to bake again. Any takers? 😉


8 thoughts on “ovenhaven day

  1. the dopey co stall man-er

    wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…. it was a very exciting day wasn’t it? im glad that ovenhaven got off to a fabulous start!

    long live ovenhaven!


  2. Maya

    Hi2. I was wondering, those cookies bags rite, did you seal or tie them? At times, I wanna gift some cookies in those kinda bags but most of my cookies are E crunchy type and Im just so apprehensive about those bags…I sooooo afraid tht my cookies gonna lose its crunch!:S Any advice?:)


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