life’s a peach

When Life decides to bequeath unto you gastronomical complications, and you purge practically everything you acquaint your stomach with, all thanks to the evil monster of a gastric flu and his minions, you could either admit defeat and stick to porridge, or go on the attack and bake a lil something.

I chose the latter. My choice of ammunition? Peach cupcakes.

End of Round 1: Zhul – 1                    Gastric flu – 0

It’s my first time baking a fruit cupcake, and one with absolutely no chocolate traces involved, so I definitely had my doubts and trepidations. But the end product was satisfactory;– not too sweet, and the ground almonds gave it a somewhat crunchy texture. The next time round though, I probably should dress it up more, with a streusel topping, perhaps?

But after all’s said and done, I found myself only capable of downing one cupcake, which tasted pretty bland to me [no thanks to all the medicine]

End of Round 2: Zhul – 1                    Gastric flu – 1 

thereafter concomitantly followed by a couple of visits to the washroom.

End of Round 3: Zhul – 1                    Gastric flu – 2

Overall winner: Gastric flu.


2 thoughts on “life’s a peach

  1. bie

    you ah… you should be resting…. 😦 but seriously, they still look good despite your ailment so i guess youre the overall winner dear… 🙂


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