november gets me full in the stomach and empty in the pockets

Today marks the final birthday celebration in the month of November! Ahakz. Coincidentally, it also falls on the day of my first paper, and since the exam’s in the morn, I had time to whip up some lil things in time for the celebration.

I already had cupcakes in mind, but since the dad subtly hinted for a revised version of the peach cobbler I did the other day [it was faaaar too sweet even for my liking], I decided to work on something along those lines. And so I ended up with apple crisps.

So here’s the recipe:


Verdict: A simple recipe to follow. Absolutely loved the cinnamon smell that permeated throughout the kitchen. AND it wasn’t too sweet! But the next time round, I must remember to make a smaller portion… Hehe.

The cupcakes plan still went through, with me vowing to refrain from chocolate ones, since the birthday girl isn’t much of a chocaholic. Bearing in mind that her fave colour is pink, I whipped up plain cupcakes with strawberry frosting. As you can see from the photos below, I bended the chocolate rule, and ended up placing mini M&Ms.


Verdict: The sweetness of the chocolate went well with the sourness of the strawberry frosting, without overpowering it. Definitely a keeper.


5 thoughts on “november gets me full in the stomach and empty in the pockets

  1. fadillz yer original number one fan

    ok. U do realise that I am ordering 2 boxes of apple crisps and 8 pieces of cupcakes. Thanks. And please do take it seriously. 🙂

  2. bie

    ohhhhh…. so that’s what those sprinkles and m&ms are for… very festive and colourful!

    wheeeeee….. m&m&m&m&ms! (and here i thought you bought them for the purpose of munchies… hehe…)

  3. *yours truly*

    fadillz: Apple crisps not for sale! Ahakz. And I thought you wanted to order truffles? I’ll get back to you “seriously” after my exams, k sweetie? 🙂

    bie: Well technically, they WERE for munchies, since I munched my way while decorating. Luckily there was enough 😐

  4. ovenhaven Post author

    Hi Gemma, thanks for noting that. I added the amount of sugar according to the type of apples I used. If you’re using Granny Smiths, you’d wanna try 1 cup sugar (1/2 cup brown + 1/2 cup plain sugar), but if you’re using Golden Delicious, then I’d suggest you put in only 3/4 cup sugar (1/2 cup brown + 1/4 cup plain sugar).

    Hope that helps.


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