truffle drive


My dad celebrated his 59th today, and I thought which better occasion to try my hand at chocolate truffles! The coatings were cocoa powder, rainbow sprinkles and cornflakes. Though the melting rate worried me to no end, twas a hit with the family, especially the lil niece who got a sugar rush in record time. Ahakz. Can’t wait for other ‘themes’ to work on!


3 thoughts on “truffle drive

  1. fadillz [your original number one fan]

    Rest assured, I will be making orders pretty soon. The question is…can you handle it? 😉 Holiday season + functions coming up…and you KNOW my family numbers close to a few hundred people.

  2. *yours truly*

    fadillz: Bring it on! Hahaha… But of course that means you’re gonna have to taste manymanymany truffles beforehand, for you to decide on the ones you’d want! 🙂

    bie: Uhuh… I totally realised everything thus far is categorised under chocolate 😐


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