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a word of caution to all sellers & consumers

I really should’ve blogged about this earlier, but couldn’t quite find the time amidst the wonderfully hectic weekend. As mentioned in one of my recent tweets, I read on a baker’s blog that one of her photos had been stolen, and much to my horror, I landed on the site’s gallery only to find one of my works unabashedly displayed without credit, posted with a copyright symbol (no less), claimed to be hers.

The website belongs to Leonice of Dreamy Cupcakes:

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a new site launch & two giveaways!


If you notice, the updates here have been quite haphazard lately. It doesn’t mean that I haven’t been baking; in fact I still have photos from three new recipe attempts I’ve yet to blog about. And to those whose emails I have taken quite some time to reply to, my sincerest apologies, for I’ve been caught up with work.

So exactly what work have I been busy with?

Well, some of you may have already heard, but finally, it’s time for me to officially launch it!

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