Monthly Archives: June 2007

of raves and craves

you take me in
no questions asked
you strip away the ugliness
that surrounds me

and sweet, sweet
sweet surrender
is all that I have to give

- Sweet Surrender, Sarah McLachlan

If there is one thing I could lose my life over, if there is one thing I could live the rest of my days on, if there is only one thing I could wake up to every morning, I would gladly find myself in a utopian brown-and-purple world, singing to the Cadbury tunes of “Wouldn’t it be nice”. The sweetest surrender, I assure you.

Which was why it came as no suprise that when SHF #32 asked for The One craved dessert, I knew I had to mark my virginal entry into the event with a chocolate-dripped apron. Pure, simple, unadorned, yet oh-so-sinful chocolate.

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fruit glorious fruit (cont’d)

Apparently I wasn’t satisfied with the pear muffins yesterday and decided to embark on yet another fruit journey. This must come as a surprise to the family who I’m pretty sure were simultaneously thinking “What happened to the Chocolate Monster??”, albeit with all-too-welcoming sniggers and sighs of relief, of course. Anyone following this blog long enough would have noticed by now that I add chocolate to almost anything. Even the smallest bit of chocolate rice sprinkles, the tiniest morsel of chocolate chips, or the slightest tinge of chocolate ganache would somehow make a dish seem more pleasing to the eye palate. At least to me.


Ever since I began my epicurean escapism, however, I’ve learnt that at the very least I know that there’s one food item out there which tastes great ala carte. And by ala carte, I mean sans chocolate, of course.

There is just something about the scent of freshly sliced apples caramelising away over the stove, or the sprinkling of cinnamon over baked apples in the oven that just makes all the peeling and coring worthwhile. Okay the peeling is not a problem, but i don’t have a proper apple corer, and let’s just say I don’t work well with the knife, after having had three near-misses of cuts today.

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fruit glorious fruit

Last weekend saw a little family get-together over majestic food (read: steamboat, roasted chicken, burgers and potato salad) and plenty of laughters to go around. An aftermath of that, besides the inevitable inches around the waistline and the latest additions to the lovely lovehandles, were the abundance of leftovers which were quickly swiped up by the next day.

Possibly the only items which were overlooked in the whole process were the fruits that weren’t included in the fruit salad, namely the apples and the pears. Since I recently made the apple turnovers, I decided to attempt saving the other fruit on the table instead.

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